Women’s Power: The Unseen MVPs of Life’s Playoffs

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Just like the thrilling intensity of NBA Playoffs’ finals, women’s lives are a testament to resilience, strength, and determination. This might seem an unlikely comparison, but stick with me and you’ll see the parallels.

Imagine it’s Game Six in Boston. The stakes are high; all eyes and pressure are on both teams. If the Celtics win, there’s a Game 7. If the Golden State Warriors triumph, they become the new NBA champions. It’s a moment of high tension, where every move matters.

So how does this relate to women’s empowerment? Well, the answer lies in the passion and desire of strong women who strive to do more than just the usual or the so-called “routine”. They hope for their dreams to come true by building impactful, independent lives.

Recently, a conversation with a close friend made me appreciate the blessings we have in Africa. In my home country, Mali, many can afford live-in help for household chores. But many of us choose to travel overseas in pursuit of our dreams, even though the cost is high both emotionally and financially.

The daily grind of waking up, going to work, returning home to manage household chores, caring for a significant other and children (for those who are parents) requires more than just planning. There’s a system in place that makes it doable with structure and discipline. Occasionally, a husband may lend a helping hand, but it’s often incomparable to what most women do regularly.

Drawing a parallel with basketball, many perceive it as just a game, with NBA stars considered lucky to play professionally and earn millions. However, not all NBA teams or stars become champions or MVPs. Those who excel do so with all their heart and soul, showcasing an earnest desire to make it to the finish line, no matter the cost.

This same drive and determination are seen in women, particularly immigrant women and minorities, who work hard every day to make a difference. After managing their daily responsibilities, they tap into their ‘girl power’ to work even harder to make their dream life a reality. They take on additional roles, become entrepreneurs, work overtime, all in the hope of creating a more meaningful future for themselves and their families.

It’s as if they’re a team fighting to win a championship for themselves, their fans, and their states. Just as athletes sacrifice their comfort today to work for a victorious tomorrow, women too make sacrifices. They give up immediate gratification for the promise of a better future.

Remember, any sacrifice made today can and will lead to a better tomorrow. To live happily, you must be willing to pour your heart into your work, to strive unceasingly, often putting others before yourself. In the end, you not only reclaim your heart but also take ownership of your success. You revel in the life you built for yourself and those around you.

So, just like those NBA stars, women are the unseen MVPs of life’s playoffs, working tirelessly behind the scenes, striving for victory, and making a significant impact in their unique ways.

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