Our Programs and Services

At Djigui, we offer two uniquely designed services: Personal Finance Coaching and Business Finance Coaching. Each service is meticulously tailored to empower individuals and businesses, promoting personal or business growth based on unique circumstances, current situations, and goals.

Personal Financial Coaching

Our Personal Finance section begins with an ‘Assessment’ segment. Here, users will encounter a series of questionnaires designed to gauge their current financial standing. Titled ‘Future Financial Goal Assessment, this framework helps identify your position in the financial planning journey. Regardless of whether you’re a novice or well-versed in financial literacy, we offer guidance for planning your financial future and provide actionable steps to reach your goals.

Upon completing the questionnaire, users will be directed to one of the following options:

Light Support: For those well-equipped in their financial knowledge, we offer free resources and complimentary consultation to help determine their exact needs and guide them toward self-improvement.

Week Training: A condensed program designed to guide users toward achieving their financial goals by unlocking their full potential.

60-Day Coaching: A comprehensive, all-level coaching program that focuses on mindset, financial literacy, and individualized strategies to reach personal financial goals.

Business Finance Coaching

The Business Finance section, mirroring the Personal Finance section, also starts with an ‘Assessment’ subsection. The assessment aims to help you understand your business’s current level and revenue, allowing us to provide specific, actionable steps toward growth.

Upon completion of the business questionnaire, users will be offered one of the following paths:

Hands-On Technical Assistance: Based on a free consultation following the assessment, a customized 60-day plan will be presented. Our hands-on services extend our network to users, providing guidance and resources for growth, including loan access, marketing review, and business scaling.

Do-It-Yourself Services: For those who prefer to work independently, we provide resources and network access, enabling businesses to navigate their growth journey autonomously.”

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Djigui Corporation is a 501(c)(3) nonprofit organization (EIN: 85-0732178) based in Collingdale. We promote a path to Financial Success for all through inclusive integration and community education.