Three Must-Have Qualities to Achieve Financial Success

Three Must-Have Qualities to Achieve Financial Success

Wouldn’t it be nice if you didn’t have to worry about your next payday at all? Well, those were my thoughts exactly when my colleague asked about our next payday. I spent the rest of the day wondering- how can one achieve such financial success that it doesn’t matter when their wages come in to cover the monthly expenses? That must be the definition of financial success: living comfortably and achieving your financial goals within a set timeframe.

So, what Does Financial Success Mean?

Following that conversation with my colleague, our little chat took me back a few years ago when I met this lovely young lady. She was a newlywed who had just returned from her honeymoon. Excited about her new journey with her husband, she couldn’t wait for them to buy their first home together.

At the moment, I was still renting and thought of how nice it would be to share something with my spouse someday. Over our first chat, I shared with her some of my personal finance strategies that worked and assured her that she and her husband would be able to achieve more than just financial stability.

Although we exchanged contact, we never called each other. However, I’d find myself wondering how she was doing from time to time. I would even wonder if she was finally able to achieve the financial goals we had discussed.

Financial Principals to Improve Your Odds of Achieving Your Objectives

On a lucky day, two and a half years later, her husband called me to discuss options for a home they were planning to purchase. I was surprised to get a call from her husband, but I was happy as I knew something from what I had shared with the wife worked in their favor.

Out of curiosity, I asked. ‘So, what made you guys choose me, if I may ask?’ I was happy to get their call by all means, but I was curious to know why. He said he and his wife had a conversation about their finances the night after we met. They decided to bring their asset together while determining the amount they would save each month. They prioritized essential items first before making any luxury and secondary purchases.

He mentioned that what he likes the most about what I told his wife is to be disciplined, consistent, and patient. Then he continued by saying that he would like to meet to discuss their house project. After I hung up the phone, I thought about those three qualities he had mentioned in our conversation. Discipline, consistency, and patience! These three qualities have been tried and tested as core to achieving any financial goals and dreams you may have.

Final Word

Whether you’re looking to achieve that financial stability, single or married, employed or a business owner, or you plan on staying here in the US seeking great opportunities for your family, there are plenty of options and resources to cater to your unique circumstance. All in all, remember that none of these things will be attainable if you don’t have the values to spearhead you to the next level of life.

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