System Integration Counseling and Guidance

This program is designed to assist men and women to become a prominent part of economic development. It will help men and women overcome obstacles such as trauma, cultural shocks by teaching them about the system and guiding them to establish a strong and meaningful life here in the U.S.

Here are some of the benefits this program offers

Welcome immigrants by understanding their historical trauma

Djigui would offer training to immigrant men and women to become familiar with American financial opportunities, eliminate any fear of inclusion, and enjoy their financial independence, stability, and growth.

System integration

Djigui offers counseling to help eliminate any cultural shock or unbalance for immigrants and create an opportunity for integration and adaptation to a well balanced life while seeking economic and educational opportunities.

Community education

Djigui offers our community education to Students, Individuals and business owners in different stages of their lives and opportunities to build a successful life while understanding the impact of financial empowerment in their lives here in the US.

Facilitate Job and interview skills coaching

Djigui will train men and women ready to enter the job market by offering coaching for interview skill building, resume writing, job portfolio building and strong negotiation skills building for them to seize the best opportunity available.

  • Steps to full system integration counseling,
  • Financial literacy and investment advising
  • Jobs and internship readiness coaching,
  • Entrepreneurship and business growth counseling
  • Home purchase and other lending products readiness counseling,
  • Growth opportunity counseling and guidance