Family Support Services

Home Visiting Initiative (HVS) is a culturally sensitive program offered by Djigui to engage families and therapeutically support them. This program assesses the needs of new immigrants as they adjust to life in a new country and work toward economic self-sufficiency. This program supports immigrants’ mental wellness;their civic and social integration and connects them to resources that facilitate their wellbeing and socio-economic adjustment.

This program is offered 2x a month for 3 months. After program completion, participants will:
  • Achieve a positive social-emotional development and language development
  • Have a positive impact on parental stress and trauma symptoms
  • Have a positive impact on economic self-sufficiency
  • Have a positive impact on parenting practices.
  • Develop knowledge on how to navigate community resources and look for meaningful employment.
  • Ask questions about job search, get help to prepare for a job interview, and be set up with ESL learning.

This program has migrated virtually due to COVID-19. We anticipate its physical form to resume in 2023. For more information about joining our virtual program contact us at: [email protected]

Acculturation Support

This program allows individuals to learn to navigate the system with the right guidance and tools. Participants will receive counseling and coaching to help eliminate any cultural shock or unbalance; they willincrease their opportunity for integration and adaptation to a well-balanced life while seeking economic and educational opportunities. They will become familiar with American financial opportunities, eliminate any fear of inclusion, and enjoy their financial independence, stability, and growth.

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