Financial Coaching for Individuals

Our financial coaching designed for individuals will educate, guide, serve and empower men and women to take charge of their finances. Our program reviews the effect socio-economic background or influence has on one’s thoughts and behavior then we offer solutions that make individuals feel comfortable with their financial decision making.

Here are some of the benefits this program offers

Savings solutions

Our savings solutions allow men and women to understand the importance of income management and asset allocation. Through our coaching and guidance, Individuals would be able to establish a strong and durable saving.

Debt management program

This program teaches individuals with limited knowledge on debt to make a distinction between good and bad debt. Our financial counselors also assist individuals to make sound financial decisions as it relates to their income and spending.

Investment options

Well established individuals would have the opportunity to explore various investment opportunities that caters to each individual’s need. We provide assistance on asset allocation both locally and internationally.


Credit history building and sustaining

This program is designed for men and women looking to establish and/or maintain a great credit score and history in order to achieve their goals not limited to home purchase, car loan, credit cards, and other lending opportunities.