Community Education and Development

Financial Coaching

Our financial coaching program is designed to educate, guide, serve and empower individuals to take charge of their finances. This program will review, and supportindividuals’financial goals based on their socio-economic background. We develop one-on-one programs that fit individuals and families’ unique situationsand make recommendations accordingly.

This program is taught weekly and last between 12-16 weeks based on participants’ level of need.

The program constitutes of teaching individuals about budgeting, saving and investment, debt management, andcredit building & sustaining. Contact us for more information on our training.

First-time homebuyers and existing homebuyers coaching

This program is designed to educate first-time homebuyers on the home buying process. Individuals interested in the program would learn about best practices when shopping for a house, tax and income requirements, and prioritizing what is important to them.

Existing home buyers would learn best practices to avoid mortgage foreclosures, home maintenance, and improvement needed to increase home value, and they will learn about home equity. This program is tailored to individuals’ and families’needs. If you are interested in learning more about our first-time home buying process or services for existing homeowners, contact us at [email protected]

Financial Management for Businesses

Financial literacy for small businesses focuses on coaching businesses on business financial literacyto help owners plan for their business future. This program holds a group session once every two weeks on Tuesdays for eight weeks.Self-learning is also available on our website.

After completing this training, individuals develop a thorough understanding of financial management and why its knowledge is necessary to run or operate a strong business.

Businesses Technical Assistance

This program is offered to individuals already in business orstartups who completed our Financial Management for Business training.

Djigui supportssmall business growth through technical support. Our programs enhance entrepreneurs and main street businesses to increase their capacity and profitability.

This 3-months program will help participants plan to achieve success and sustainability in their business. To Apply for the program, email us at [email protected]

 The TWTB is a stand-alone program that is different from the main community education ones. This program focuses on only women in business and their growth.

Thriving Women Thriving Business

–(TWTB)is a new initiative of Djigui that support women in business. The programprovides technical and financial assistance to minority women entrepreneurs in restaurant, salon, and retailer businesses.This 6-months trainingoffers a hybrid model where participants cantake part in (in-class or Virtual) classes and have a hand in the development plan to expand their business. In-person or virtual sessions are held once weekly followed by a plan to:

    • Come up with marketing strategies to introduce all participants to digital and physical marketing.
    • Supports business planning for both the short and long term.
    • Provide growth capital to entrepreneurs to fund daily business expenses before they start making returns.
    • Supporting organizations assisting minority-owned small businesses in the region.
    • Creating business incubators and accelerators that provide mentorships, resources, and networks that entrepreneurs need to launch, fund, and grow their businesses.
    • Put our economic development efforts into action to promote small business growth and healthy commercial corridors.

This program is currently accepting applications. For more information email us at [email protected] or click here to apply

Thriving Women Thriving Business

Thriving Women Thriving Business